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Chaaye Khana

Chaaye khana was established five years ago in F-6 Islamabad. The idea to have a tea-centric cafe in a nation that consumes more tea per capita than any other country grew stronger with time and in the absence of any viable hang-out options for the professionals, the housewives, the family, or simply someone who loves a good book with their tea. Chaaye Khana’s success is due to the gap that existed in the marketplace as it is of the careful planning that went into designing the right menu, the right space for our customers, and the proper training of our staff. Everything is personally selected, from the seventy different blends of tea to the ever-evolving food menu to the music that plays all day long. This personal involvement in all things Chaaye Khana is the bedrock on which it was built and continues to operate to this day. Chaaye Khana offers a concept that has been conspicuously missing from Pakistan. A high-end cafe specializes in all things tea, an alternative to the lobbies of expensive hotels that serve tea-bags in water. A place where people come with family and friends to have their favorite type of tea while relaxing in a congenial atmosphere. A place where one can meet with business associates for a quick cup of tea to discuss matters of commerce or where someone can grab a book to enjoy with a cup of tea or work on their laptops in solitude. Chaaye Khana has over seventy blends of teas, hand-picked from all over the world. We cater to the hard-core tea drinker who knows precisely what he wants, as well as to those with an adventurous streak who want to try out one of our blends from our six different verities. A brand that was established for the love of tea has come a long way since it’s inception. Chaaye khana now serves customers in several outlets in Pakistan and continues to grow. As the Chaaye khana brand grows, our franchise team is inundated with queries for more franchises around the country and, more recently, from other parts of the world.

Super Hot

Khas Stores

KHAS is a fashion & lifestyle based retail brand providing a sophisticated aesthetic to people in all walks of life. Our topmost priority is to gain the trust of our valued customers by providing trustworthy products and services. Khas Stores is here to provide the best in class quality materials for our home country clients. We have designed unique ways to achieve that in the shape of both Khas Store shopping and Online Shopping. KHAS's magic, a subsidiary of the famous Sadaqat Group, began over half a century ago. The magic wand of the well-respected Sadaqat Group began flashing in 1951 and helped them win the hearts of millions and many achievement awards in the process as well. For decades people of Pakistan have been praising the high quality of imported clothes or clothes in abroad countries; Khas Stores' vision is to provide our proud Pakistani clients with the same level of luxury materials without the added costs of importing them. Our innovative Online Shopping stores are the solution to the troublesome traditional shopping ways for customers where they had to get to the store outlet in the busy traffic situations and only find that the product they like is out of stock. With Khas Stores' innovative Online Shopping, you can order the designs of your preference, and we will make sure the product of your choice gets delivered to you using through best Pakistan delivery system. To complement this innovation in Online Shopping, our Khas Stores have evolved with continued success. At our marketing beating Khas Stores, we have arranged products in the shape of themes, which you can select as a whole package or select an individual item depending on your taste and choice. Our beautifully crafted state-of-the-art stores make our respected feel cared for and wanted as soon as they walk in. Our most experienced and skilled staff at Khas Stores is always happily ready to assist you in any decision making processes that you may require. Feel free to ask them About Khas Products and any of your queries, and they will satisfy you better than any other store in the market.

Super Hot

Jessie's Burgers

Jessie's Burgers is a burger joint with an aim to bring the best burgers in town; Jessie's provides the freshest and juiciest of meat. Art Jessie's, it's not just the yummiest food but the experience. Urban, Young, fun, perfect hangout for friends and family. We keep our space engaging and interactive by doing regular open mics and performances. Jessie’s sets just the right kind of vibe to attract crowds of all ages with its neon signage, rustic floors, cabin-like furniture, and contemporary hand-painted artwork on the walls. None of the food is frozen at Jessie’s; hence patrons experience the same fresh and delicious flavors each time they visit. On top of that, the restaurant serves quality food and serves as a platform to showcase performing arts, making the meals twice as enjoyable. Only the finest quality beef is used in making our delicious burgers. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every bite! It all starts with procuring fresh and organic protein every day from the best local vendors. So, you get the best, 100% delicious quality meat to tantalize your taste buds in our versatile burgers, with over 12 gourmet burgers to choose from our menu, a range that is bound to excite both the red and white protein lovers. Burgers are what put Jessie's on the map, but our steaks are what made us a household name. Jessie’s classic beef burger is a 60-ounce juicy prime beef patty topped with sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and Jessie’s special sauce makes the entire burger finger-licking good. The perfect seasoning and spices on a perfectly cut piece of juicy, tender meat, accompanied by our freshly made sides, complement and elevate each experience. We have just added ribs to our menu; they are a runaway hit. The addition of chicken Caesar salad has been a welcome addition to our already special menu. At Jessie’s – there is something for everyone!


Wild Wings

Wild Wings is the first and only sports lounge and restaurant in Pakistan! Located in the heart of Islamabad, we bring you delicious wings, burgers, shakes, and more. Wild Wings is inarguably the most happening place for every locale it becomes a part of and brings a vast consumer population with the attraction of its food and ambiance. It is truly the future of food-related franchises. The perfect blend of sports and food is a Wild Wings restaurant. It is the ultimate place for passionate sports enthusiasts. The camaraderie that comes with watching a big game with family and friends is a universal phenomenon, and we practice it religiously. Between our fresh, diverse menu and sports eccentric dining experience, we offer our customers a homely option for watching their favorite sporting events. A big screen, hot pipping food on your table, and the company of friends and family- what more could you want? Wild Wings is where fun, fans, and friends come together! It is a perfect venue for planning dinner with your family or a casual evening with friends. Book your table now at Wild Wings and enjoy an evening of delicious food. We serve you the best. We also ensure that each Wild Wing franchise maintains the same supreme quality of food and friendly service. It’s our job to make sure we provide you with the best food. Quality and quantity matters to us! Give our food a try; you might just fall in love with our chef! The versatile, affordable menu is the best thing for groups and couples alike. Enjoy a medley of all your favorite flavors with perfectly mixed drinks and piping hot sides. You won’t find taste like this anywhere else. Every Wild Wings franchise is inaugurated with the primary goal to make sure every diner has an experience they can’t forget! We serve to delight with every bite!



ChinaTown provides a variety of splendid environs under one roof. Whether it’s a quick lunch, home delivery, takeaway, relax and dine-in, exclusive catering, or hosting that special event at the restaurant, we make sure we bring enjoyment and elegance to your every meal. ChinaTown restaurants offer a variety of flavors and different methods of traditional Szechuan and Thai cooking. Our kitchen and R&D department are regularly coming up with new dishes, and the company is always enthusiastic about diversifying the menu according to the taste of our customers. ChinaTown has entered the fast-food business and established its famous name in a small span of time. With a unique sense of cooking, meal prep, and customer service, we pride ourselves on creating a fusion of traditional Chinese cuisine and blending it with a modern twist. China Grill is not just a Restaurant. We have created an eatery that is fun, entertaining, and offers you decadent Asian flavors packed in every meal. One of the unique advantages that we have as a brand is that we follow a wok-to-plate process – the meal is prepared, cooked, and served piping hot! We do not compromise on quality; hence each meal is carefully made to perfection. We believe in the might of a powerful cooking pot. All ingredients, spices, and flavors have been carefully chosen to bring together just the right taste. With a firm philosophy to bring together food and family, ChinaTown ensures that all meals are freshly prepared to serve you. Food brings us closer to you. As each customer has a unique taste palette, we are on a mission to serve each of them while staying true to our core. ChinaTown is just the right place to satiate your Oriental cravings. We have never compromised on quantity and quality, and we are always up for customers’ feedback to keep the restaurant up to the mark. The service, cleanliness, staff efficiency and hospitable environment are also the reason for our success in such a small time span.


Pizza Originale

Pizza Originale’s stores emphasize customer experience and offering excellent products and exceptional service every time. We distinguish ourselves from competitors by the fresh ingredients, a combination of cheeses, home-made sauces, a proprietary mix of Italian spices, and high-quality meats each day in the Italian tradition. The Pizza Originale’s franchise is expanding rapidly due to the low cost of investment and highly impressive sales volumes driven by innovative and automated technology exclusive to Pizza Originale’s franchisees. Our vision is to be the best gourmet pizza in every market we serve, and after 5 years of focus, we are ready to become a household name in our country. Our excellence comes from the same practices Italy, to our dozens of successful franchisees. The simple operation, limited cooking, and traditional Italian recipes are what make Pizza Originale’s work for our franchised system. At Pizza Originale’s, we know the art of how to make an exceptional pizza every time. We hand knead our dough and allow it to proof three times to fully develop its flavor and texture. This way, we also get a light and airy crust, yet still with a delicate crunch. When our pizzas come out of the oven, you’ll experience the difference – a real taste of a truly hand-crafted pizza. Pizza Originale’s is famous for its exceptional sauce. We use only the sweetest tomatoes available to guarantee perfect consistency and concentrated flavors. But the real secret of our sauce is the authentic Italian spice mix recipe given to us back in Italy. You’ll taste the herbs and spices with every bite, and our sauce is so good that we give it as a side dip with every pizza. Pizza Originale’s uses 100% real gourmet cheese blend made with whole-milk Mozzarella for a rich, creamy taste. Pizza Originale’s customers often compliment us on the delicious taste and richness of our cheese blend. And, if that isn’t enough to satisfy your taste buds, we offer some of our finest toppings. From old favorites, like pepperoni and sausage, to our unique gourmet toppings, like roasted garlic and grilled with white sauce, we have the best ingredients to make your pizza truly amazing. With over 30 toppings to choose from, it’s easy to get the pizza you want, just the way you like it.



Located at F-11 Markaz Islamabad, Tayto has in store for food lovers chicken Italiano, melted cheese over deep-fried chicken served with fettuccine pasta, penne Malpensa grilled chicken chunks with penne pasta in marinara sauce with a garlic bread roll, chicken parmesan, and chicken fettuccine. We are the first Casual Café Dining Chain in Pakistan that gives you the option to dine festively while you don’t need to get into a Fine Dining mood. Yes, a complete menu range that has a five-course meal option even while you are on the go! Starting from a small Take Away outlet we have turned into a Café Chain. From a very limited menu, we have moved on to a wide scrumptious menu selection. We are pleased to move on with time and look forward to the Grace of God to extend our Café Network across the country. We have developed our menu over years and after repeated experiments back at the kitchen. Our recipes are well thought, well prepared, and well designed to meet all the tastes and moods. We ensure that we give you, your family, and your loved ones every option whether it’s about food choice or dining style. From a rich café ambiance for café dining to Take –Away, we give you complete freedom of choice. We take pride in Introducing Fresh Fruit Drinks. We make all our drinks from fresh fruits without adding any preservatives, artificial colors, or canned flavors. So, when you order a drink at Tayto, be assured that your drink comes from the extracts of Fresh Fruits. Backed with our Product Development Team and Organizational support, we offer flexible Franchise Plans including various café options, customized menu structuring, staff training, and continuous brand support. Apply online and share your dreams with us. We will be glad to extend our brand to you and make you a part of our Tayto Family. The diverse menu and striking attention to details make Tayto one of the most popular and crowd-pleasing eateries in the Twin cities. It doesn't matter just what medley of flavors you want on your plate; Tayto makes it happen!

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